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APG Association of Professional Genealogists  Quebec Family History Society
Jewish Gen Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal



What we do!

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1. We research and investigate many different kinds of possible financial records.

2. When we identify a possible asset that we think can be reclaimed we begin a search for the rightful owner.

3. Genial Group will aid in the recovery process by helping with all the required legal paperwork to make said claim.

We are company that is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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Who we are:

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Our Group consists of highly skilled and motivated individuals that use a Pro-active approach towards investigative research. We use genealogical research in an attempt to locate the rightful owners and probable heirs to the lost or forgotten asset. We operate in a highly confidential and professional manner.

Genial Group also does genealogical research for people with queries about Jewish Genealogy from East and Western Europe.

Genial Group bears the entire cost of research prior to contacting an heir or owner about a potentially discovered inheritance or forgotten asset. After contact is established a potential claimant will need to provide the following documentation to start the claims procedure.

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