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Compensation pour nos services

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We ask for no money up front!

We do not ask for any fees in advance!

All of our work is preformed strictly on a contingency basis!

We are remunerated only at the point in time when legal claimant(s) are reunited successfully with their lost or forgotten asset.

Once we are reasonably certain that we can unite an individual, company or rightful heir with a lost asset that was located by us, we prepare a contract describing our help with the reunification process and our fees for the various services rendered.

This becomes the final step in the entire process. The contract provides for our remuneration which is commensurate with and proportionate to the recovery of the lost or missing asset.

In short- no collection no fee!

Formal documentation and contract arrangements are handled for us by Litwin Correa, Chartered Accountants. We encourage you to visit their web site:


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