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Services for Potential Beneficiaries

Our company researches the genealogical or forensic trail and bears the entire cost of research prior to contacting an heir or owner about a potentially discovered inheritance or forgotten asset.

Once we identify an asset, we then attempt to locate missing heirs or owners and assist them in the recovery process. Eventually the missing or misplaced financial asset of a deceased relative is united with the legal heirs.

Our research is always kept in a strictly confidential manner so that we can insure complete trust with our clients.

Your contact information is private, personal and confidential. It will not be used in any way other than to contact you.

After contact is established, either by us contacting you or you contacting us, we will continue the investigative process of determining the legal heir/owner.

Having the following documents and forms available will allow us to create a genealogical or forensic flow chart and a fiscal trail that will help match the un-claimed asset with the rightful owner(s).

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Areas of Research

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Bank Accounts:
Bank accounts may have gone missing or dormant because the person who opened and operated an account may have not told the heirs about the location of the account(s) or perhaps failed to notify the bank of a change of address. The bank may have incomplete or undecipherable information.

Share certificates:
Individuals holding share certificates may not be able to identify or locate a company for a variety of reasons. The company may have changed its name, merged or have been taken over by another company or, have gone into liquidation thus requiring extensive research to find the current existing company.

Safety Deposit Boxes, Un-cashed or Unclaimed Dividends as well as Unclaimed assets for Wills and Estates.

Causes of missing or forgotten assets:
1. Name Changes after Marriage or Divorce,
2. Expired Postal Forwarding Address,
3. Incomplete File Data
4. Illegible Records.

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List of Needed Legal documents:

Document PDF
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dotBirth Certificates dotSocial Insurance Number
dotAdoption Certificates dotAn Old Income Tax Return
dotMarriage Documents dotAn Old Phone or Utility Bill
dotDeath Certificate dotAn Old City Tax Bill
dotAn Old Bank Statement dotName of Funeral Director
dotApartment Lease dotName of Cemetery
dotObituary Announcement dotName and Coordinates of Liquidator/Executor/Trustee

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Compensation For Our Services


* We ask for no money up front!
* We do not ask for any fees in advance!
* All of our work is preformed strictly on a contingency basis!

We are remunerated only at the point in time when the legal claimant(s) are reunited successfully with the lost or forgotten asset.Once we are reasonably certain that we can unite an individual, company or rightful heir with the lost or forgotten asset that was located by us, we prepare a contract describing our services for the reunification process and our fees.

This becomes the final step in the entire process. The contract provides for our reward that is matched with and proportionate to the recovery of the lost or missing asset.

In short- no collection no fee!

Formal documentation and contract arrangements are handled for us by Litwin Correa, Chartered Accountants. We encourage you to visit their web site:


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