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Many thanks for advising me of the bank account that I had at the Bank of Montreal more than 10 years ago, and thank you for sending me the necessary forms to claim the account balance from the Bank of Canada. I went to the branch of the Bank of Montreal and they completed the form, certified my signature and sent it off to the Bank of Canada. I was told to expect a cheque in a few weeks.

Again many thanks for your efforts. Feel free to use my name for any referrals. Also please accept my wishes for a Happy healthy New year

Abby Polger


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Hello Lawrence,

It was a pleasant surprise to hear you tell me that a federal government agency owes me a sum of money.

Upon arrival at your offices you explained to me that bank account balances that are in accounts that have been dormant for a certain number of years are transfered to a government agency that keeps these sums in trust. These funds are returnable to the account holder upon request by the owner of the funds or by his appointed agent. The paperwork required to obtain these funds is time consuming.

Le Groupe Genial Inc. will handle all the bureaucratic details in order to get the funds returned to the rightful owner.

In my case I gladly signed the power of attorney forms that will allow your company to obtain these funds for me and i will be happy to pay your fee that is due to you for finding out that I have a dormant account with a positive balance and subsequently ensuring that these funds are returned to me.

The whole process of explaining this to me and the subsequent signing of the appropriate forms was handled efficiently and courteously.

I highly recommend the services of your company.

Thank you,

Fred Simons (a happy client).

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